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Empowering Business, Enriching Communities: Insights from a Decade of Strategic Philanthropy

Writing an article about businesses giving back to communities and the role of philanthropy in supporting charity allowed me to reflect deeply on my experiences over the last decade as the Chief Executive of BCBN (Better Community Business Network). This article was not just a professional exercise but a personal journey, as it encompassed my insights into Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), strategic partnerships, and grant-making, all areas I have been passionately involved in.

For the past ten years, I have had the privilege of leading BCBN, an organisation dedicated to fostering charitable giving and strategic philanthropy within the business community. My tenure has provided me with a front-row seat to the transformative power of businesses that are committed to giving back. It has become increasingly clear that when businesses embrace their role in supporting communities, the impact can be profound and far-reaching.

In the article, I delved into the various ways businesses can and should integrate philanthropy into their core operations. CSR is no longer a peripheral activity but a central component of a company’s identity and purpose. Businesses have a unique capacity to leverage their resources, networks, and influence to drive social change.

This involves not only financial contributions but also the deployment of skills, expertise, and strategic partnerships that can amplify the reach and effectiveness of charitable initiatives.

Strategic partnerships are a cornerstone of effective philanthropy. Over the years, BCBN has built numerous collaborations with other organisations, bringing together diverse strengths and perspectives to address complex social issues. These partnerships have demonstrated that by working together, we can achieve far more than we could individually. Grant-making, another critical area I discussed, requires a nuanced understanding of the needs of communities and the capacity to support initiatives that promise sustainable impact.

A particular highlight of my article was recognising the role of women in philanthropy and community leadership. It was heartening to see organisations like the Muslim Charities Forum (MCF) taking a leading role in platforming the voices of women across different professions. This is an essential step towards ensuring that women’s perspectives and experiences are not only included but are central to decision-making processes. Women bring invaluable insights and approaches to philanthropy, and their increased representation can drive more inclusive and innovative solutions to societal challenges.

However, while progress is being made, there is still much work to be done. I expressed my hope for greater inclusion of women’s voices across all sectors.


True representation involves more than just presence; it means active participation in shaping policies, influencing change, and holding leadership positions. Women must be involved in the entire spectrum of decision-making to ensure that their contributions lead to meaningful and lasting impact.

I am optimistic that with continued effort and commitment, we can create a future where businesses are not only engines of economic growth but also pillars of community support and innovation. I look forward to seeing more businesses embrace this ethos and more women stepping into roles where they can lead and influence lasting positive change.