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Shining Bright: Sabah Gilani O.B.E, Honored in Emerald’s Circle of Inspiration

Receiving the Emerald ‘Inspiring Muslim Award’ in 2020 as part of the EMERALD 100 – Inspiring Muslims initiative was a momentous occasion for me. Being recognised alongside other remarkable individuals from our community is both an honour and a humbling experience. This award is not just a personal milestone but a celebration of the collective achievements and contributions of Muslims across various sectors in Britain.

The guiding principle of “the best of you are those who benefit mankind” – as exemplified by the Prophet Muhammad – has always resonated deeply with me. Throughout my journey, I have strived to acquire knowledge, hone my skills, work diligently, and most importantly, give back to benefit others. This way of living is central to Islam and has been the driving force behind my efforts to support disadvantaged communities and uplift those around me. 

Now more than ever before, more Muslims are making significant strides in various fields across arts and culture, to building equitable finance models and ethical business brands. These contributions are more

visible and impactful than ever before, and it is inspiring to witness the breadth and depth of our collective efforts.

The Emerald Network’s decision to celebrate these unsung heroes through the EMERALD 100 initiative is a testament to the importance of recognising and honouring the noble intentions, ambitions, and successes within our communities. Being part of this prestigious list, especially during the Network’s 15th Anniversary celebrations, is a moment of pride not just for me but for all those who have supported and inspired me along the way.

The Emerald Network has done an incredible job of curating a diverse list of individuals from various backgrounds, heritages, and professions. One of the most exciting aspects of this recognition is the #iam2020 campaign Emerald Network led on, platforming inspiring Muslims across public services such as the NHS and Metropolitan police to fashion influencers and community leaders in an effort to combat Islamaphobia (anti-muslim prejudice). The objective behind this initiative is to uplift, elevate, and honour one another within our community.


By highlighting the goodness and positivity that we embody, we can collectively move towards a shared ambition of creating a more inclusive and supportive society.